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Used 1997 Chevy P30 Step Van route delivery truck with Ice Cream Sales signage... sale price $10,500.

Click the below Step Van images to see a larger close-up view. This 1997 Step Van is priced at $10,500. New White premium paint job and all the Chevy V6 engine parts, drive train, tires and the brake systems have been inspected and are in good working order. Any mechanical parts have been replaced when found to not be working properly. All safety signage, like the side stop sign, is new and the side sliding service window and rear window have aluminum frames. This one has a short wheelbase (10' step van) and UtiliMaster aluminum body on a GM chassis. Inspected and ready to drive off from our Centerline Mi licensed used truck lot.

1997 Utilimaster Chevy V6 powered aluminum Step Van for sale
All aluminum body -sliding service side window - interior shelving and fresh premium paint job on this Utilimaster body on a P30 Chevrolet Step Van with a V6 gas saving engine.

  These $8500 step vans have all been sold out but we have some $8600 models for sale

  This Used P30 Chevy step van is equiped with passenger side jump seat This Used 1997 Step van has new sliding glass service window and rear door window

  This All aluminum body Utilmaster step van has interior aluminum shelving These UtiliMaster Chevy Powered Step Vans have dual sliding entry doors

Yr. and Model Engine Mileage Special features VIN ID # Sales Price
1997 Chevy P30 White Step Van 4.3L Chevy V6 1 ton 187,000
L80 E GM automatic transmission Aluminum Body side and rear windows and dry ice freezer $10,500

 In a down economy these customizable delivery Cargo or curbside service vans are prefect for small businesses seeking to save money over the cost of a new Step Van. Great for any ice cream vending and/or food delivery service. What can your business do with one of these Step Vans? Use them as Book mobiles, pickup/delivery vans where built-in racks, shelves and cabinets can make them into a mobile product showroom or workshop. Whether your company is delivering, snacks, mobile workshop, snap-on tools, ice cream, frozen treats, hot foods or HME medical supplies these Utilimaster P30 Chevy Step Vans will deliver your goods on a tight budget year after year. Fully converted Step Vans for Ice Cream routes are on sale at this site... click here to see more Ice Cream Step Vans for sale

  Captain Kool Ice Cream Trucks have been delivering frozen trats since 1985

Click Truck exterior and interior images to enlarge this 1998 Used Step Van Ice Cream truck which sells for 17,500 with new Cold Plate freezers.

Buy a used Ice Cream truck from CK Corp of Centerline MI

We have Great Deals on several 1998 Chevy 6 cylinder Step Van
Good Humor Ice Cream Trucks with or without cold plate freezers.

CK Corp has several P30 Step Vans we used throughout the 2008 Ice Cream sales season for immediate resale. Great over-all condition and the 4.3 liter Chevrolet V6 engine matchedCold Plate Freezer used in all our Ice Cream Trucks with a L80-E GM automatic transmission and coupled to a one ton rear end makes these a lasting investment for operating a neighborhood Ice Cream truck route. Just plug the Cold Plate freezer compressor into any standard house current and your freezers recharge overnight for a full day on the road after one nights recharge. No Dry Ice or freezer burned ice cream and you can customize interior space for displaying additional novelty sales items or Hot and Cold food items.

mobile vending businesses require a effecient Step Van digital musice box and exterior speakers for Ice Cream Trucks

Wouldn't it be wonderful to wake up in the morning knowing that everyday you were working for yourself in a profitable delivery route business that is recession proof? We'll now's the right time for you to consider owning an affordable mobile business based upon a reliable Step Van from CK Corporation of Centerline MI.

Call or E-mail Pat Hyland of Ck Corp of Centerline at (586) 755-4888 for further details, inspections and full pricing options including truck freight delivery charges. CK Corporation of Centerline is a fully licensed used car and truck dealer since 1985.

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