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All about the company behind managing step van sales at UsedStepvan.comThe history of the Step Van route delivery trucks with photos and facts.Inventory listings of used Step Vans for sale by CK Corporation of Centerline Michigan.Converting your step van to be used in all types of delivery and curbside ftood service routesUsed Ice Cream Step Vans for sale by CK Corp. of Centerline Mi.How to contact the staff operating

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We offer a variety of Step Van Conversion Services for all types of vending Routes and even Mobil Product/Brand Advertising vehicles

CK Corp of Centerline MI. has many choices in used Chevy P30 aluminum bodied step vans for sale at only $5500
We love hearing from Step Van and curbside Delivery Route truck buyers wanting custom features or quotes on our available StepVan inventory.

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Combine the long-lasting aluminum construction with a walk-in body and customizable utility cargo area and what does your business get? One of the most versatile specialty delivery vehicles on the road! Whether you need a mobile emergency command center, customized mobile store, Promotional product Sample Van, Ice Cream Truck, mobile showroom, mobile workshop or a specialty cargo van.... these are great buys. These UltiMaster industry-leading walk-in vans offer maximum productivity and V6 powered efficient engines.... at a low low price.

Follow along on taking a Used Step Van and making it into a practical mobile Advertising platform We take your product logo and artwork and add it to any Step Van Turn a Sten Van into a mobile Traffic Billboard
Vio is a new high energy drink and they wanted a Sample Promo Van
that becomes a mobile billboard with waterproof vehicle Ad wraps.

This 1997 Used Step Van has only 131,000 miles on Chevy V6 and the GM drive train We do van conversions including installing new Cold Plate freezers and adding serving windows Your mobile Ad Van is also tax deductable and is highly effective in city traffic

We cut and fit sliding service windows and rear visibility windows in these short wheelbase Step Vans water proof durable artwork is added to side of this promo step van
We cut windows, added new paint and weather-proof graphics to this Van

You have plenty of room on the exterior of these step vans for promotional brand advertising
Call Ck Corp of Centerline for a quote on a used Step Van wrapped with your Ads.

This 1997 Step Van has new white paint and sell for only $,500  (586) 755-4888  THis Whiet 1997 Step van sold for only 8500 and was then converted into a mobile promotional van for introducing a new drink product in NYC.

 These specialty step vans can be tailored to meet your exact specifications and needs with some inventive interior/exterior customizations. We use them for Ice Cream Truck routes selling novelty ice creams for years. Buy one and put it to work to make your business more profitable. We can add a new interior mounted 18,000 BTU air conditioning system to your used Step Van for an additional $4500!

Here's a Customer who needed as nice 10 foot bed Delivery truck for fresh produce deliveries to community food banks, Soup Kitchens and restaurants sells converted step vans for route deliveries and curbside sales Step vans converted into localbusiness delivery vans by CK Corp

Adding your company logo and web site to a used step van is free smart advertising of your business while on the road. Here's one of our step vans now used to deliver Tents and outdoor party rental items to customers in Metro Detroit.. click here for their site.

Bigshot Party Rentals delivery step van for outdoor party tents Metro Detroit Party Tent rental company 14 foot step van used for Metro Detroit BigShot Party Rental Co. deliveries

CK Corp of Centerline has a full service design shop for adding brand advertising, company logos and contact information on to your mobile billboard... very effective

used step van for mobile book sales company our water-proof Ad wraps for trucks make your van into a mobile billboard Bookmobile with perminent waterproof advertising on all sides of Step Van
Our graphics design shop can make water-proof advertising decals for your delivery van as part of your low purchase price. Get tax write off and new business generator.

Specifications for a typical 10 foot step van advertising wrap space on front-sides and back are show in these photos.. Print out dimensions and remember our Van Ad wrap services can extend the graphics across the panel boundaries for a visually exciting mobile billboard for your business.

All these Van side panels can have advertising weather proof decals applied to turn your customized Step Van into a mobile billboard.

Look at what other things you can add to your route truck or step van making it a mobile profit center for you and your family.

Safety equipment and city permit ice cream truck signage and music boxes

You can add Refrigeration and a Mobile Kitchen add-on to your conversion step van Turning it into a real money maker for small businessmen during recession.

WhCK Corp has used step vans that are converted in mobile kitchens, roach coaches and Ice Cream trucks or mobile sales offices.ther you require a mobile onsite workshop, kitchen countertop cutting space or residential repair vehicle, these step vans can be configured to promote maximum productivity and efficiency for your mobile workforce. These  P30 Chevy V6 powered Step Vans provide an easily accessible workspace available to be driven to any worksite.. anywhere. Just add in custom shelving, storage cabinets, generators, workbenches, power tools, ladder racks, each CK Corp sold walk-in step van has a cargo area tailored to meet the specific needs of mobile utility van. These step vans can be custom built to tackle laundry, linen, uniform, rug cleaning and any home or business package delivery and curb side servicing needs. The walk-in cargo area can easily be tailored to meet your specific needs of your utility work van. Put you mind to work coming up with ideas for putting a step van to work for you.

Add-on Food Prep equipment and beverage services for your Mobile Kitchen Step Van. Just imagine being able to take your business anywhere.

Add Latte Coffee maker, Slushy or Italian Ice Maker, Taco or hot sandwich section to Van

Because our riveted aluminum bodies are built to withstand constant use for 20 years or more, these walk-in step vans give will you the best value over the course of their long life. Wouldn't it be wonderful to wake up in the morning knowing that everyday you were working for yourself in a profitable delivery route business that is recession proof? We'll now's the right time for you to consider owning an affordable mobile business based upon a reliable Step Van purchase from CK Corporation of Centerline MI. We are a license car/truck dealer in Michigan for last 30 years.

In a down economy these customizable delivery vans are prefect for any vending and/or food delivery service. What can your business do with one of these Step Vans? Use them as delivery vans where built-in racks, shelves and cabinets can make them into a mobile product showroom or bakery fresh to you route truck. Whether your company is delivering, snacks, mobile workshop, soft-serve ice creams, snap-on tools, ice cream, frozen treats, hot foods, Bookmobile or HME medical supplies... these P30 Chevy Step Vans will deliver your goods on a tight budget.

Convert the inside cargo area of your step van for various route businesses!


CK Corp specializes in converting Used Step vans into operational Ice Cream Vending route trucks.

truck01.jpg (21926 bytes) We customize Step Vans for curbside Ice Cream Sales with freezers and sunday dip dispensors

We recommend Nelson cold plate freezers, known to the vending industry the world over for Frozen and softserve Ice Cream vending route trucksour Ice Cream conversion step vans! These units are all stainless steel, professional vending cabinets and come with a Copeland compressor for maximum reliability. All factory made ice cream trucks use cold plate freezers. Most serious vendors know that cold plates are the most reliable way to freeze your novelty ice creams. Combine cold plates with Nelson Manufacturing and you have the best freezer in the industry today. Simply plug in your freezer at night when the truck is not in use. (to any standard 110 volt outlet) This will charge up your freezer, and the cold plates in the walls will keep your product frozen for over 12 hours -- even on the hottest summer days! No power is needed when selling ice cream, and the truck does not need to be running to use the freezer. All corners are welded and there are no sharp edges on these premium brand cold plate freezer units. We then add in safety signage & lights required by city ordinances for curbside Ice Cream truck sales.

Cutting and fitting Aluminum framed side windows and adding freezer to this Used Step Van Click to see installation of new Nelson Cold Palte Ice Cream freezer in a used step van

Advantages over dry ice: Lower operating costs - Less product loss Convenient
No board of health problems And never hit your hand on the dry ice!
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Advantages over generators: Reliability 5 year limited warranty on cold plates, insulation, and rust-through Fewer repairs Less downtime Less heat eliminates exhaust heat of an operating freezer or waste heat from a generator No loud noise. Completely silent when in use. No motor running.
Many Advantages over Inverters and "home'' Dry Ice type freezers: No extra batteries needed for power Keeps product frozen better Different compartments... open only the one you want to serve from No alternator problems because the alternator does not have to charge cold plates

ADDITIONAL FEATURES of our Cold Plate Freezer add-ons to a Used Step Van:
Poured Urethane Walls - 3 inches on sides, 3.5 inches on bottom; 40% more than conventional equipment - Oversized Compressors for fast pull down! -Built in Dole Cold plates -Safe Edged Stainless Steel Tops - all corners welded and polished, no raw edges ever. -Safety Kit for securing freezer to truck -Heavy Duty Outdoor Extension Cord to plug in at night

Need a Bakery route truck? Our workhorse Step Vans were originally designed, engineered and custom built to immediately tackle any bakery delivery challenge your business may encounter. You may need route delivery van to deliver bread along a multi-stop route for newspaper drop-offs or transport snacks, beverages, sandwiches and hot foods to business stops daily. Step Vans have been delivering the perishable and consumer goods for years. and these CK Corp walk-in vans are cheap enough for even the smallest business.... plus they are mobile advertisements and a direct tax write-off.

advertise your business on the side of your CK Corp Step Van.
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 Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have comments, questions or suggestions about the material offered on this website. We will be adding vendors to this page who sell all types of Step Van add-on conversion items from freezers, AC power outlets, to mobile soft-serve ice cream makers and cooking equipment.

 Contact CK Corp of Centerline for questions on our used Step Vans.

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