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All about the company behind managing step van sales at UsedStepvan.comThe history of the Step Van route delivery trucks with photos and facts.Inventory listings of used Step Vans for sale by CK Corporation of Centerline Michigan.Converting your step van to be used in all types of delivery and curbside ftood service routesUsed Ice Cream Step Vans for sale by CK Corp. of Centerline Mi.How to contact the staff operating

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Used Ice Cream Step Vans for sale with or without Cold Plate Freezers.

CK Corp of Centerline MI. has sold all avaiable inventory of Step-Vans and used Ice Cream Trucks

Buy a Used Step Van for operating your own recession proof local Ice Cream Vending Route business. The Yellow CK Corporation Step Vans (Captain Kool) Ice Cream route Trucks have been bringing delicious frozen Ice Cream novelties to Metro Detroit neighborhoods for over 35 years. We know from direct experience what you'll need in a reliable Used Ice Cream Truck in your own city and we can arrange nationwide shipping by bonded carrier. We love hearing from Ice Cream Truck or Step-Van buyers wanting custom features, or quotes, on our Ice Cream Truck inventory available for immediate sale. Email us your requirements below!

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Checkout what we offer in this 1998 Aluminum Bodied Chevy P30 Step Van fully converted into an Ice Cream route truck with ice cold plate freezers and V-6 Chevy power for only $17,500 and this one has now been sold

Used 1998 Chevrolet P30 aluminum bodied Stepvan fully converted into a neighborhood Ice Cream Truck.

Specs on this 1998 All Aluminum Body and fully Converted Ice Cream Truck with all safety signage. Call CK Corporation's Pat Hyland for additional Step Van purchasing details and we can arrange bonded shipping to all USA cities and overseas locations. Ice Cream Truck Leasing solutions are available with payments adjusted for seasonal sales... See the about-Us page for lease company links.


new 7" flashing alternating lights when parked curbside.


new electronic Stop Sign with alert light


New digital music box and outside speaker


New serving window canopy and florescent lights


New Brakes and complete engine and drive train fluid changes


Engine, Transmission and drive train rear end were complete rebuilt at 164,000 miles.


3 bay Cold Plate Freezer with 120 volt compressor and separate pop cooler


Sale priced at $17,500 ...ready to roll

Chevy V6 Powered


Click Truck exterior and interior images to enlarge this 1998 Used Step Van Ice Cream truck

We have Great Deals on several 1998 Chevy 6 cylinder P30 Step Van Good Humor Ice Cream Trucks with or without cold plate freezers.

This P30 Step van has just over 200,000 carefully maintained miles and was used throughout the 2008 Ice Cream sales season by CK Corp. Great over-all condition and the 4.3 liter Chevrolet V6 engine matchedCold Plate Freezer used in all our Ice Cream Trucks with a L80 E GM automatic transmission and coupled to a one ton rear end makes this one a lasting investment. Just plug the Cold Plate freezer compressor into any standard house current and your freezers recharge overnight for a full day on the road. No Dry Ice or freezer burned ice cream and you can customize interior space for displaying additional novelty sales items or Hot and Cold food items.

 Call or E-mail Pat Hyland of Ck Corp of Centerline at (586) 755-4888 for further details, inspections and full freezer pricing options including truck freight delivery charges. CK Corporation of Centerline is a fully licensed used car and truck dealer since 1985. We can handle all sales contracts and title registrations by State of Michigan guidelines.

 Email E-mail CK Corp used Ice Cream truck sales department our staff

CK Corp of Centerline MI. has sold all avaiable inventory of Step-Vans and used Ice Cream Trucks

Here's an Ice Cream truck with NEW Nelson Cold Plate Freezer setup to plug into standard 110 volt house current. This 1996 Utilimaster enhanced Step Van is priced at $17,000. New White premium paint job and all the Chevy V6 engine parts, drive train, automatic transmission and tires are in great condition and have been professionally inspected. New shocks and brakes have been installed and the V-6 Chevy engine has a fresh tune-up. All safety signage, like the side stop sign, is new and the side sliding service window and rear window have aluminum frames. This one has a short wheelbase (10' step van) and UtiliMaster aluminum body on a GM chassis. Inspected and ready to drive off from our Centerline Michigan dealer licensed used truck lot. Perfect for generating daily cash even during a recession.

All aluminum body -sliding service side window - interior shelving and fresh premium paint job on this Utilimaster body on a P30 Chevrolet Step Van with a V6 gas saving Chevy engine.

          Feature summary on this 1996 Chevy P30 Ice Cream route Step Van for sale is shows below. Act now as these sell Ice Cream Trucks are in high demand


Yr. and Model Engine & Options Mileage Special features VIN ID # Sales Price
1996 Chevy P30 10' White Step Van converted for Novelty Ice Cream Route sales 4.3L Chevy V6 1 ton P30 Utilimaster Step van with L80 E GM automatic transmission. New Tune-up and white premium paint job 154,000 All Aluminum Body with new sliding service bay and  rear windows. Has a New Nelson Cold Plate freezer. 110 volt wired outlets, swing out stop sign and safety signage and code required lighting added. New lighted canopy and novelty ice cream sticker panels

Clear title and vin#





          Feature summary on this 1999 Chevy P30 Ice Cream route Step Van for sale is shown below. Act now as these Ice Cream trucks sell out quickly

1999 Utilimaster P30 Step Van with inverter powered freezer for Ice Cream sales Chevy V6 4.3 liter engine, auto trans and GM drive train on a P30 Utilimaster short wheelbase chassis 172,000 Inverter powered 23.5 cubic foot freezer oprion in this UtiliMaster StepVan  with white premium paint. Ice Cream Truck safety signage, sliding serving window and new parts.

Clear Title & VIN # 305,526



Wouldn't it be wonderful to wake up in the morning knowing that everyday you were working for yourself in a profitable delivery route business that is recession proof?

1996 White Utilimaster P30 Step Van Ice Cream Truck Utilimaster all Aluminum Body Chevy V6 4.3 liter engine, auto trans and GM drive train 154,000 1 Ton 10' Short bed Step Van with new paint, sliding side windows & rear window. New Ice Cream route Truck safety signage and premium Nelson Cold Plate Freezer with 110 volt compressor.

Clear Title & VIN # 304,065




1997 P30 10 foot Step Van with low mileage and Utilimaster Aluminum body and New Cold Plate Freezer Newly Rebuilt Chevy V6 4.3 liter engine, auto transmission and GM drive train on a P30 Utilimaster short wheelbase chassis.. low miles 130,800 Short 10' wheelbase UtiliMaster Step Van with white paint and all Ice Cream Truck safety signage. Aluminum shelving and side sliding serving window and all new shocks, brakes... plus New Nelson VBD3488T 3 bay cold plate freezer (32 cubic Ft.)

Clear Title & VIN # 309,993



These Ice Cream trucks have been part of our own neighborhood route fleet for years. CK Corp mechanics tend to these trucks all winter and daily during the summertime season. Many have rebuilt 6 cylinder engines and all have automatic transmissions. New brakes, safety signs, warning lights, blind spot mirrors and premium tires. All the Captain Kool Ice Cream Step Vans can have name brand 3 bay cold plate freezers, pop cooler and 115 volt working compressors installed. These also are ready to pass all city Ice Cream Truck regulations and vending permit requirements regardless of what city you'll be runing your routes in.  Call CK Corp at (586) 755-4888 for details.... and to test drive them from our CenterLine Michigan lot. We don't always have used Step Vans in stock as we use the winter time off season to fully convert for the seasonal neighborhood Ice Cream Route business. Take a test drive and get a independent full mechanical inspection before committing to purchase this Good Humor type Ice Cream Truck. WE CAN ARRANGE NATIONWIDE SHIPPING BY BONDED CARRIER ON ANY TRUCK PURCHASE. We even have delivered Ice Cream Trucks to European Cities.

 Basic Step Van delivery trucks for $5500Looking for a great deal on a Used Step van suitable for converting into a Ice Cream Vending Route business? How about using one for delivery or pick up services? Well this is the place to find a reasonably priced Step van any you can hire an experienced mechanic body shop expert and mechanic to install what ever vending route equipment you need for any type of vending route business. These ready to drive-off Chevy P30 Step Vans are priced from $5500 any you can D.I.Y. the conversion for even a hot or cold mobile food service business in any city. Click here to see these basic step aluminum bodied V6 vans for sale...

dscn0234-small.jpg (10023 bytes) dscn0224-small.jpg (7490 bytes) We sell new Nelson cold plate freezers for Ice Cream trucks

Top quality Cold Plate Freezers added to these CK Corp Cargo Vans and our Ice Cream truck fleet.


We recommend Nelson cold plate freezers, known to the vending industry the world over for our Ice Nelson Cold Plate freezer chests for Ice Cream TrucksCream conversion step vans! These units are all stainless steel, professional vending cabinets and come with a Copeland compressor for maximum reliability. All factory made ice cream trucks use cold plate freezers instead of Dry Ice chests. Most serious vendors know that cold plates are the most reliable way to freeze your novelty ice creams. Combine cold plates with Nelson Manufacturing and you have the best freezer in the industry today. Simply plug in your freezer at night when the truck is not in use. (to any standard 120 volt household outlet) This will charge up your freezer, and the cold plates in the walls will keep your product frozen for over 12 hours.... even on the hottest summer days!  Fact: Eliminates engine power drain and increases gas mileage when selling ice cream, as the truck's engine does not need to be running to charge up the freezer. All corners are welded and there are no sharp edges on these units.

Why pay extra for Cold Plate Freezer Ice Cream Trucks?


Advantages over dry ice: • Lower operating costs - Less product loss -no Dry Ice freezer burns -Saves Gas expense


Convenient: • No board of health problems • And never worry about safety concerns of handling dry ice!


Advantages over engine generators: • Reliability 5 year limited warranty on cold plates, insulation, and rust-through • Fewer repairs • Less downtime • Less heat eliminates exhaust heat of an operating freezer or waste heat from a generator • No loud noise. Completely silent all electric operation when in use. No compressor motor running.


Advantages over Inverters and "home'' freezers: • No extra batteries needed for power • Keeps product frozen better • Separate compartments... open only the one you want • No alternator problems because the engine alternator does not have to charge cold plates.


ADDITIONAL FEATURES: Poured Urethane Walls - 3 inches on sides, 3.5 inches on bottom; 40% more than conventional equipment - Oversized Compressors for fast temperature pull down! -Built in Dole Coldplates -Safe Edged Stainless Steel Tops - all corners welded and polished, no raw edges ever. -Safety Kit for securing freezer to truck floor -Heavy Duty Outdoor Extension Cord to plug in at night.

In a down economy we are selling used basic delivery step vans which are prefect for any vending, food, or product delivery service . You can be in business for yourself with one of these Step Vans?

Welcome to a site showcasing the servics and products of Captain Kool Ice Cream Inc.

We wholesale Northstar, Well's "Blue Bunny", Rich's, and other top brand ice cream bars, ice cream sandwiches, frozen desert cups, and the ever popular Bomb Pops by case lots to the general public. Our fleet of Yellow Ice Cream Trucks have operated daily in 20 Metro Detroit cities throughout the May to October curb-side ice cream sales season for 35 years.

Drop by our Centerline Michigan warehouse office where we wholesaleCaptain Kool carries Wells Blue Bunny, Northstar and Rich's Novelty Ice cream case lots of top brand novelty ice cream bars, frozen desert cups, cartoon face bars and Bomb Pops 7 days a week. Click here to see our counter wholesale price list for this season. Review our selections of brand name novelty ice creams from the top Ice Cream Dairies like Wells/Bluebunny™, Rich's®, NorthStar Ice Cream™ specially made just for neighborhood Ice Cream curb-side sales. We also sell dry Ice to the general public and provide special reseller accounts to Independent truck drivers, Mom & Pop Ice Cream shops and convenience store owners. Stop by our office warehouse for dealer/reseller discounts and pick up Captain Kool's most recent price list.

How to contact CK Corporation staff in our Centerline Michigan office


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