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All about the company behind managing step van sales at UsedStepvan.comThe history of the Step Van route delivery trucks with photos and facts.Inventory listings of used Step Vans for sale by CK Corporation of Centerline Michigan.Converting your step van to be used in all types of delivery and curbside ftood service routesUsed Ice Cream Step Vans for sale by CK Corp. of Centerline Mi.How to contact the staff operating

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Our mission at is to show you can profitably operate a mobile vending business right from any of our used Step Vans. These Delivery Vans can be converted for all types of curb side delivery routes. Haven't you always dreamed of owning your own business? Wouldn't it be wonderful to wake up in the morning knowing that everyday you were working for yourself in a profitable delivery route business that is recession proof? We'll now's the right time for you to consider owning an affordable mobile business.

CK Corp of Centerline MI. has sold all avaiable inventory of Step-Vans and used Ice Cream Trucks

Sorry we are out of stock till the Fall on used Step-Vans and Ice Cream Trucks

Stop wasting your time and talent working for others. Mobile Vending offers the perfect opportunity to start a profitable and successful venture of your own for a fraction of the cost of most start-up businesses! Buy a Step Van here and becomeUsed step vans for sale by a licensed Metro Detroit car truck dealermobile vending professional!  We provide you with a Step Van suitable to support you regardless of the type of vending truck business you plan to pursue. We have over 35 years of experience operating Ice Cream Routes and wholesale novelty ice cream counter sales. We'll also offer sources that can help you finance your used Step Van including seasonal adjusted payment leasing schedules! We love hearing from Step Van and curbside Delivery Route truck buyers wanting custom features or quotes on our available StepVan inventory. Novelty Ice Cream delivery step vans aree a great small business profit maker in today's tough job market. Check out our used Ice Cream trucks here...

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Step Vans are designed to transport small loads or light weight items such as tools, products, clothing, foods, construction supplies and on-site material cutting service or other applications where you can charge for curb side products and services. Work vans are also known as Route Trucks, white vans, delivery We sell used UtiliMaster step vans are great pricesvans, step vans, cargo vans, cube vans, or panel vans. Manufacturers that design cargo vehicles include Ford, Chevy, Dodge and GMC and specialty truck manufacturers like the Utilimaster company. Contractors or businesses that utilize cargo vehicles include plumbers, painters, flooring contractors, cabinet makers, roofing contractors, carpenters and fix-it handyman, and delivery or curbside pickup services. Private businesses and small businesses use Step Vans in their fleet for drivers and installers to deliver products or supply a service on local city routes. Commercial step vans we sell are a popular choice for last-mile delivery services.

Even the local route transportation end of the ice cream business is an art! If you want to buy an used ice cream truck you have come to the right place. We sell fully converted frozen novelty ice cream trucks with cold plate or dry ice freezers with full safety signage required for local city route licenses. You can also convert any step van sold here to your food or ice cream vending route specifications. View the images below for samples of trucks we’ve already produced. The only limit to what you can do with  Delivery truck is your imagination. 

CK Corp of Centerline has designed to make buying a vending step van as easy as possible. Browse our site for Route truck business tips, insightful information, as well as the history of the Step Vans as used in the vending business.

We offer sales or resources for both hot and cold food service items from softaerve ice cream makers, capachino coffee brewers, to mobile stoves and pizza ovens. also has a section for sourcing curbside hot or cold food van converting Conversion services for used step vans turning them into curbside vending route to help you turn your used step van into any type profitable mobile vending business. Our site was founded to service the needs of new and seasoned vending business owners and those needing a used quality Step Van. For years CK Corp of Centerline has been a sales outlet for used Good Humor type Ice Cream trucks as we offer everything an independent ice cream route driver needs in the Metro Detroit area. The knowledge share on this website is a culmination of our direct insights and experience operating a fleet of ice cream route step vans for 35 years.

Our goal in producing this website is to share unique experiences related to the local vending route businesses in the hopes you'll buy a used step van and start Call CK Corporation of Centerline to price out a used step van for your route businessmaking the vending business a legitimate and profitable personal experience. We are a Michigan licensed used car and truck dealer and can even introduce you 3rd party companies who can arrange seasonal leasing payment terms. We welcome your comments and suggestions. Our goal is to earn your trust in buying a step van here. We hope your experience here is a positive one. Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have comments, questions or suggestions about the material offered on this website.

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